Reduce the amount of waste by reusing The Reusable. 

  • Get to know more info about waste (know your waste page link).
  • When you step out, always remember to carry your water bottle.
  • Always remember to take a cloth shopping bag.
  • Replace kitchen towels, sponge wipes with a clean and good old cloth.
  • Segregate your waste at the source – even if the collection system in your neighbourhood does not handle the segregated waste. 
  • You can store your dry waste separately and drop it at the nearest Dry Waste Collection Centre.
  • Avoid the use of straws.
  • Do not take extra ketchup/butter/jam/sugar sachets in your takeaway package. Most of them end up in bins without even being opened.
  • Be a little thoughtful about how many tissues you are using.
  • Use the hand dryer instead of the hand tissue in the washroom.
  • Refuse carry bags.
  • Buy products with minimal packaging. packs
  • Stop using one-time-use-and-throw items like paper cups, plastic spoons, disposable plates, use glass/steel vessels.
  • Buy bigger packs instead of buying multiple small packages of items.
  • Don’t use bottled drinks unless you have to.
  • Reduce your paper usage.
  • Purchase fruits and vegetables that are not pre-packaged in containers and plastics.
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